Hakone Mountain Ripper


Immerse yourself in the warmth of Hakone’s forest and take in Hakone’s abundant natural beauty.
Spend an inspiring day in Hakone on a mountain bike tour for 11,000 yen.
All you need to do is pedal—leave the rest to Hakone!
Hakone National Park has so much to offer.
What are you plans for this trip to Hakone?
You will discover a new and exciting Hakone on this mountain bike trip. It will be an experience that will reach your innermost self,
and exceed your expectations.
Our tours take place in Sengokuhara―one of Hakone’s most preserved wilderness areas. Our cycling tours are not only good for your body. We strive for minimal environmental impact and a high level of safety. The wonders of Hakone National Park include beautiful cherry blossom tress, clear water springs, a beautiful lake and breathtaking autumn foliage. Why not immerse yourself in Hakone’s wilderness and leave the rest to Hakone’s natural beauty?

Cruising Tours

  • クルージングツアーの様子

    Deep Forest Cruising Tour

    This is our basic and most popular course. Experience the wonders of inspiring Hakone. We will visit secret spots that you won’t find in the
    guidebooks. choice for those of you looking for a day full of.

    Tour distance: 10miles (16 kilometers)
    Time: 3 hours.
    Price: JPY11,000(12 and under JPY7,000) tax included.
    We meet at Hakone Visitor Center. It’s a perfect.

  • クルージングツアーの様子

    Wild The Trail Cruising Tour

    Deep Forest Cruising You can enjoy high quality fitness and a sense of achievement on the special trail that evolved the course. The greenery of trees reflected in the lake surface and the warm sunshine from the sun, you can enjoy the superb view of each season from the small hill and the extraordinary time will flow wonderfully.

    Tour distance: 12miles (19 kilometers)
    Time: 3 hours.
    Price: JPY12,500( under 12 age can not join this tour )
    tax included We meet at Hakone Visitor Center. It’s a perfect.

  • クルージングツアーの様子

    Round The Lake Ashi Tour

    This is our intermediate level trail for mountain bikers who are ready for a challenge. The views around Lake Ashi are spectacular and thrilling singletrack trails await. You will discover the depth of Hakone’s striking beauty.

    Time: 5 hours Price: JPY18,000 ( under 12 age can not join this tour ) tax included.
    We meet at Hakone Visitor Center.


Tour detail

  • Tour Package Includes

    Mountain bike rental, teatime, mineral water, accident insurance. Hot Springs Separately JPY850
    There is a twelve person maximum per day.
    Private tours are available for double the price.
    Participants must be at least 140 centimeters.

  • Schedule

    Example: Deep Forest Cruising Trail

    • 10:15〜10:30

      Meet at Hakone Visitor Center.

    • 10:30〜Orientation

      Our unique cycling adventure begins!
      We’ll take a break to enjoy a special and relaxing teatime.
      Time to continue biking and enjoying the wonders of Hakone.

    • 13:00〜13:30

      The spectacular view will make the meal an unforgettable one.
      With renewed energy, we continue pedaling!
      We reach the end of our journey (time varies depending on course). Time to soak in a warm,
      soothing hot spring bath. The end of your tour! We hope you are rejuvenated after a day in beautiful Hakone.

  • Accident Insurance Coverage(For MountainBike Tour)

    In case of death JPY 3 million
    Hospitalization JPY3000 per day
    Out-Patient Care JPY1500 per day

Hakone Hiking Tours

  • クルージングツアーの様子

    National Park Hiking in Hakone

    On this tour take a leisurely hike in beautiful Hakone. Your guide uses these trails to walk, jog and train on a regular basis. We will walk in a park with soft grass under our feet, and enjoy scenic mountains in the distance. The surrounding trees are comforting and the atmosphere soothing. This is the perfect tour for those who prefer walking rather than cycling. We won’t use mountains bikes but will walk throughout the tour.

    The walking distance: 2.1 miles (3 kilometers) Tour duration:1 hours and 30 minutes.
    Fee : JPY6,000(12 years old and under JPY4,000) Group size: Tour limited to a maximum of 20 participants.
    We meet at Hakone Visitor Center.

  • クルージングツアーの様子

    Mt. Fuji View Trekking Course

    Walking through the ridge of Hakone moutains, if the weather is good you can see the great view of Mt. Fuji and the towering mountains of South Alps on the left side and Kamiyama and Kanmurigatake mountains on the right side. And when you look back, there is a beautiful view of Ashinoko lake spreading out in the Hakone Geopark.It is a light trekking course that gives you some exercise, yet fun and refreshing!

    The walking distance: 4,3 miles(7 kilometers) and the difference of elevation is 270m.
    Tour duration: 3 hours and 30 minutes.We recommend you to bring some snacks like chocolate bars.
    Fee : JPY 11,000 (12 years old and under JPY 5,000)
    Group size: Tour limited to a maximum of 20 participants.
    We meet at Hakone Visitor Center.

    ※Price includes guide fee,teatime,mineral water, and accident insurance.


Tour detail

  • Accident Insurance Coverage(For Hiking Tour)

    In case of death JPY8 hundred thousand
    Hospitalization JPY1000 per day
    Out-Patient Care JPY800 per day

Hakone Mountain Ripper

Adress : 1245-657 Sengokuhara Hakone Town Ashigara Shimogun Kanagawa Prefecture 250-0631

TEL / FAX : 0460-84-9222

Email : hakone@mountainripper.com

Online Reservation Form : https://en.activityjapan.com/publish/plan_list/106

Reservation deadline : 5:00 p.m. the prior day

Business hours : 8:00-19:00 Open all year round (Irregular holidays)

Guide : Norihito”NORI” Suzuki